Guidance for Walkers

1. Please wear appropriate footwear and clothing. More information about clothing and eqiuipment can be found on the Ramblers national website. Popular amongst our member are Dryboots.

2. We welcome new members and invite individuals to walk with us three times before asking them to join the Ramblers.

3. Walkers will need a packed lunch, a snack, and a drink unless otherwise stated on the walks programme. Some walks end with an optional lunch or cream tea and this is usually clear from the programme.

4. Here is the Ramblers recommended In Case of Emergency form, which you should have with you on all walks.

    In Case of Emergency Form

5. Walk leaders have designed each route. Please do not walk ahead of the leader unless invited to do so.

6.The leader will designate a back marker to ensure that the group stays together. If there are more than 20 walkers on a walk, we will designate a middle marker.

7. Follow the instructions provided by the leader regarding the route and breaks and be ready to move on when requested.

8. If you need to stop, please advise either the walks leader or back marker.

9. If you are walking with a dog, please ensure that the dog is on a short lead and under control at all times. Occasionally a leader considers a walk unsuitable for dogs, for example if there is livestock in a field, or a bull. If you are a dog owner and uncertain about bringing your dog, please contact the walk leader and check.

10. Use a whistle to attract attention in an emergency or if you lose sight of the group in conditions of fog, distance, or turning.

11. Start points for the walks are given by named location, grid reference and in many cases postcode. Beware that postcodes should be used with caution, especially when the meeting point is in a rural location. The nearest postcode could be a good distance from the grid reference. It is advisable to refer to the maps found in the Walks programme to verify the start point.

If you use a sat.nav instead of using the postcode, use the more accurate longitude and latitude co-ordinates to find start points. Co-ordinates are given in our Walks programme.

12. Very rarely a walk maybe cancelled. We will always try to give as much notice as possible on the News and Walks Programme pages. If possible the walks leader or their substiture will be at the walk start to advise those who may not be aware of the cancellation.

13. The Ramblers current Privacy Policy can be found here