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1 July 2020

David Hinchliffe, after almost 10 years as secretary of the Devon Area Ramblers is standing down. David has given a significant amount of his time to promote the cause of Ramblers, serving with exemplary professionalism on Area Council and staying on long after he had expressed the wish to direct his talents elsewhere.
David is a speaker on many subjects and is a published author. He has a Poirot like drive for detail and an incisive mind. Details of his latest book can be found here.


30 June 2020 

Restarting Rambler Activities

If you have not already checked with the official position on  or in the June newsletter, you may like a summary of how things stand at the moment regarding rambling:

Path monitoring and waymarking activities were given the green light from 10 June, though the recommendation is to do these individually or in pairs. Car sharing is presumed to infringe the social advice distancing so best avoided.

Group walks, social activities and team work remain suspended though under certain conditions, small groups of 6 may resume. However, following discussions with Area Council, leaders of other Rambler groups in the Area and our own committee, it has been decided NOT to restart a formal programme of walks for South Devon Ramblers at this time. 

Disappointing as this is, it is clear that many of our members are organising bubbles for walking in groups of 6 or fewer and this seems to be meeting the need to get out and enjoy our wonderful environment with some fellow walkers. It is heartening, too, to hear how inclusive people are trying to be and if anyone feels